Why Mba?

Medical Doctor Office - Why MBA?

Our Philosophy

e recognize the important role we play in the financial health of our clients’ practices. In viewing a client’s practice as if it were our own, we take a partnership mindset to make sure we are collecting as much as possible for our clients. It is that partnership approach that makes us results driven. Also with a partnership mindset approach comes a natural desire to help optimize our client’s business operations so they are earning as much as possible and in the most efficient manner possible.

Extensive Experience in Motor Vehicle and Related Accident Medical Claims (NJ PIP, NY NF, WC)

  • Extensive network of attorney firms.
  • Work closely with both the medical practice and attorneys to execute the best arbitration strategy for a successful outcome.
  • Maintenance of an extensive arbitration database to keep track of your arbitrations, their status and performance. We also provide monthly arbitration scorecards for you in accordance with our philosophy of transparency

Customer Service

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Carefully Selected

Our team of medical billing professionals are carefully vetted and thoroughly trained to best serve your practice. We set ourselves apart by the people we employ!


We give our people the autonomy to handle your claims issues directly. Your dedicated billing coverage staff are knowledgeable professional who know how to handle most issues. And if they do run across an unusual situation, they have direct access to senior management and ownership to quickly rectify any situation.

Treat Customers Like Family

Our team treats everyone like family. You will never feel like just another number.