A first class medical billing and practice advisory company addressing the needs of the most discerning and demanding medical practices looking to improve their overall performance and optimize their business financially, organizationally and clinically.

Medical Billing Services

We are fully equipped and staffed to provide expert billing and collection services collect for the most demanding busy practices. We are well versed in Commercial Insurance billing (both In-Network and Out-of-Network), Medicare, New Jersey PIP, NJ Workers Comp, NY No Fault and NY Workers Comp. Our full-service collection services include pre-certification, coding, billing, denial management, insurance collections, credentialing, advanced reporting analytics, practice advisory, arbitration case management and more.

We are recognized by the New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance as a qualified third party billing service, pursuant to statute NJSA 17B:27B-5


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Revenue Cycle

A full-service RCM solution for medical billing can help to improve your bottom line by streamlining the process of billing and collections. By outsourcing your billing to a company that specializes in medical billing, you can free up your time to focus on patient care.


The medical billing credentialing process can be complex and time-consuming. The paperwork alone can be overwhelming, and it can be difficult to keep track of all the deadlines and requirements.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Advanced analytics is one of the most important tools in medical billing. It can help you to understand your data, spot trends, and make decisions about your billing strategy.

Billing Systems Implementation

Choosing the right billing system is a critical decision for any medical practice. Not only does it impact your bottom line, but it also affects the quality of care you're able to provide your patients.

Practice Advisory and Auditing

At MBA, we understand that proper coding and billing are essential for a successful medical practice. That's why we offer Practice Advisory and Auditing services to help our clients stay compliant and maximize their reimbursement.

New Jersey's Best Medical Billing Service

We established our Pre-Certification Department in response to the New Jersey Automobile Insurance Cost Reduction Act, which requires physicians to pre-certify their patients’ care with the carrier. Our reports are compiled utilizing the patient’s medical records and treatment plans completed by the doctor. These comprehensive reports are then forwarded to the carrier for review. The Pre-Certification Department is also responsible for responding to all correspondence from the carrier as well as formulating appeals to any denials received.

Finally, our Billing Department staff is trained in all aspects of medical billing including HMO, PPO, Medicare, Worker’s Compensation and No-Fault. Our billing services include establishing a claim, claim verification and forwarding the commencement letter to the carrier. We then bill, track, post and balance bill claims. We stay attuned to the newest billing codes and procedures along with updates on CPT code changes.

At Medical Billing Associates we efficiently and successfully follow up on all claims submitted to the insurance carriers. We extensively review each Explanation of Benefits to determine incorrect reimbursement. Our software program allows us to track aged accounts receivable and has a note system which enables us to record all communications with the insurance carrier. This is useful when we submit Personal Injury claims to the National Arbitration Forum. At a client’s request we can file small claims suits directly against a patient for non-payment.

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